You’re hired: Outsourcing content work

Julie Vollenweider

Recently, someone asked if I could help him understand when it makes sense to outsource content work vs. handle it with an internal team.

At first, this question surprised me – it’s not one I hear often. Or ever, for that matter. But it got me thinking that perhaps it is asked (or silently considered) more than I realize.

Before diving into the details – here are some familiar situations that prompt the question: Who is going to do this content work?

•    We have a giant pile of messy content.

•    Nobody really “owns” our content, so everyone avoids it.

•    We have content all over the place, and none of it is consistent when it comes to voice, tone, style or message.

•    Our content isn’t useful, usable, relevant, or accurate.

•    We are thinking about implementing a new content management solution.

OK. Yep. You have content work to be done. Now what? There are two common scenarios when it comes to the content requests we get:

•    We have/are building an internal team that will take care of our content. Can you teach us some best practices and/or help us get started?

•    There’s nobody/no time to take care of our content. Can you do it for us?

A shameless, yet good-humored, plug

Of course, it really wouldn’t hurt to consider hiring a content strategy consultancy (preferably based in Minneapolis) either way – to jumpstart your effort or to just take care of it. Content professionals (like the awesome staff at Brain Traffic) are standing by to help answer questions, develop a plan, increase confidence and dole out general content happiness.