You Have Problems

Kristina Halvorson

Web content problems, that is.

How do I know this? Because 99% of companies do.

In fact, I'm going to bet that you have one or more of these problems:

  • You have great ideas for awesome content...but you're not sure how to create and sustain it.
  • You have a fabulous new website design...that breaks as soon as you start uploading content to it.
  • You thought someone else would be creating the content...except, funny, they thought YOU were creating it.
  • You're wearing your underpants on the outside...wait, what?

I know. It hurts. But I have good news: there's a cure. Web content strategy offers a long-term, sustainable fix to these problems and more. And wait! I have even better news! Brain Traffic content strategist Meghan Casey wrote a terrific article that shows you how!

Meghan's article, 4 Web project problems content strategy can solve, kicks off an entire week of content strategy articles on the terrific UX online mag, Johnny Holland. We like it. We think you will, too. Enjoy!