What vs. How

Julie Vollenweider

I’m reading Dov Seidman’s  book about one simple concept: It’s not what you do that sets you apart, but how you do it.

May I present as an example a recent plotline from one of my favorite TV shows,It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia:

  • What the characters like to do is drink wine.
  • How they drink it is out of a Diet Coke can.

Similarly, at Brain Traffic, what we do is … Plan for and create content that’s:

  • Useful
  • Usable
  • Purposeful
  • Profitable

But more importantly, how we do it is with …

  • Teamwork and a values-driven culture
  • Incredibly high standards for good work
  • A clear purpose and laser-focus on content, just the content

These are some of my very favorite things about Brain Traffic. Another favorite thing is that hilarity is actually a company value.  Can you