Upcoming Seminar: Writing for Websites

Kristina Halvorson

I've been writing for websites since 1997. You know what that makes me? Old.

It also means I've wrangled a lot of web content over the years. For a while, I really believed that great web writing was all about shorter paragraphs and bulleted lists. Then I discovered metadata. Content inventories. Dynamic content modules. Nomenclature.

If you're looking for a seminar about writing great homepage taglines, then any run-of-the-mill advertising copywriting course would be fine for you.

But if you're interested in really understanding what it takes to be a smart, successful web writer in 2009, then I'd like you invite you to register for my March 11 seminar, "Writing for Websites."

You'll learn:

  • Why writing for websites is different from writing for print
  • How to write great web content using our Top 10 Tips
  • SEO copywriting basics
  • How to create a smarter, more efficient workflow for drafting, reviewing, editing and approving content
  • What metadata is and why you should care
  • How a content inventory will change your life

Even though the seminar is still a month away, we're already 80% sold out. The time to register is now.

Find out more, or call Josh at 612-331-6600 x60 with any questions.

See you on March 11!