Just fill in the blank?

Meghan Casey

A while ago, our fearless leader blogged about how technology can't fix your content problems. Of course, I agree.

Sure, the CMS is important – the right one makes content publishing easier and the published pages more consistent. But it can't ensure that your content is useful and usable. Only a person or team of people can do that.

Consider this smaller-scale example:

I just read a blog post by Ben Parr on mashable about an online resume builder tool – JobSpice – that he describes as shockingly simple to use.

It does look pretty darn easy to use, making it a great way to create a dapper dandy resume. It's as easy as filling in the blanks. Cool. It's sorta like a CMS. Just enter your content, check some boxes, add some parameters, and ta da: Content. Published.

But, the person building the resume still needs to think about what content goes in the blanks. Right? The shockingly simple tool can't do that. Neither can a CMS. A person has to determine:

  • Who is the resume for?
  • What kind of job am I looking for?
  • What will the employer care about?
  • What do I want them to do after reading my resume?

Real, live people are the key to content that meets users' needs and drives results. And that's where content strategy comes in. It answers the questions that help ensure your content – however it gets published – hits the mark.