Four free podcasts: Curation Best Practices

Kristina Halvorson

Can't get enough of curation? Then do I have good news for YOU!

James Mathewson (Editor-in-Chief of and the co-author of Audience, Relevance, and Search) graciously invited me to do a four-part podcast series on the topic of curation best practices. Interviewer Mike Moran (author of Do It Wrong Quickly and Search Engine Marketing, Inc) did a great job shaping each ten-minute conversation, and I enjoyed chatting with both of them.

Listen in as we talk about the opportunities obstacles associated with content curation online. Each podcast is ten minutes long and available to download for free on iTunes (links can be found in the embedded player).

Part 1: Companies around the Web are struggling to present the content their users seek from the social sphere. Is content curation the answer?

Part 2: What are some of the approaches companies are taking to aggregating social content? Which ones are most effective?

Part 3: How can we preserve a great user experience when delivering curated content?

Part 4: Are there instances in which content curation is really the only viable solution?

And hey, if you're interested in content curation, you really need to be followingErin Kissane's five-part series on content curation. I'm fairly sure there will be no need to ever write anything about content curation again once she's finished with it. Which may inspire in you a sigh of relief. Perhaps.