Bangalore, we have a problem.

Elizabeth Saloka

My mind is a microwaved hot dog. I’ve just stumbled on a site that offers web content for $4. Four. Dollars. That’s like, a sandwich. A gas station sandwich. And here’s the best part: The company selling "$4 contents" (as they put it) is Niche Writers India. Yep, India.

People are actually outsourcing web writing—English web writing—to India. To a NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY.

Since when did web content become a cheap commodity? We’re not talking about zipper togs and baby socks! We’re talking about communication. Often, very technical and advanced communication. The idea that anyone would send English source content to India for editing just defies all logic ever. It’s a real-life Monty Python sketch.

With that premise, it makes sense that the NWI site itself is comic gold. Seriously, I couldn’t make this stuff up:

“Niche Writers India is the core when it comes to writing and this is what our clients feel about our content writing services expanding to various domains and collaterals. We have bubbling, energetic and youthful warp and woof of writers!”

I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay!

“Website content writing is an elaborate terrain, which deals in content for websites and website content writer is one who maneuvers such copywriting skills.”

Who’s on first?

“Oops! You fall short of compelling content. Where will the traffic fall, have you ever given a thought! If not, then it’s the right time to think. Internet visitors are smart, in fact, smarter than you. The moment they’ll see some prosaic content or no content, you are out and so will be they!” 

Daaammmn, Ginaaa!

The absurdity goes on and on, and it just gets better and better. Check out Niche Writers’ writing samples section. It’s a trove of confusing, incoherent treasures.

But here’s the serious point: Niche Writers India, though not in the manner it intends, makes a compelling case for the value of a good web writer. Hopefully after seeing this site, would-be value shoppers will decide to invest (more than $4) in their content. Hopefully.