A Little Label Love Goes a Long Way

Christine Benson

I'm currently seven months pregnant. Rather than developing nesting tendencies and actually cleaning my home, I have developed an addiction to reading craft blogs.

On many of these blogs, I've noticed the trend of labeling the comments section with something more customized than the standard "comments."Here are a couple of examples:via UK lass in US:

via V and Co:

It's a great combination of being human and still being useful. This small change demonstrates an individual's voice, but also clearly communicates the goal of the section.I also thought it was a great example of how content (rather than design) can show brand and personality. These are blogs that are built on standard templates, but with this one little change, I suddenly felt a connection to a human on the other end.Added bonus? People seemed to comment on these blogs more than the ones simply labeled "comments" or "leave a reply".Many companies are locked into template designs that they feel constrained by, resulting in lamentations about being unable to add a lifestyle image or change a font. These projects are often time-consuming and expensive. Neither of those terms are popular, especially in the current economic climate.So, when half of the room is screaming for a redesign while the other half is screaming back about time and budget, consider focusing on how the content can improve your site.